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CO2 300x500mm Engrave Machine(GY)
  • CO2 300x500mm Engrave Machine(GY)

    • Engraving Area: 300x500mm, UPGRADED VERSION Front-Rear Double Door for object with no-limited length, less size restrictions to engraving materials. Suitable for engraving on most organics or NON-metal materials such as acrylic, Plywood, Density board, Leather, Wood, Double color plate, Glass, Cloth, Bamboo, Paper etc.
    • Compatible with WIN7/WIN8/WIN10 system, 32-bit system is the most stable, also suitable for 64-bit. RDworks software (included) controls this laser's settings with graphics design programs, such as CorelDraw, AutoCAD, etc. This software allows you to create same shape patterns with different colors, can be layered output engraving.USB CONNECTIVITY AND U-FLASH DISK SUPPORTED, can works even without PC.
    • Pre-installed rotary axis interface and rotary axis switch (This machine Not Include rotary axis), easily extend to rotary engraving. Equipped with an effective ventilation fan for exhaust smoke, and also has the accessories Exhaust pipe. The cooling water temperature is always displayed, safe and convenient. Build-in Electric Lift-platform, One-button control. Red light positioning system, accurate and efficient.
    • To make sure choosing an appropriate machine, before placing order, it’s better to confirm some details with us, such as the main usage of buying the machine, working material, working effect, voltage of your country and any special needs, etc. (For cutting, we suggest to use machine above 60W.)
    • Accessory parameters:

      Laser Tube: 50W L800mm D50mm

      Focal Lens: DIA.18mm/Focal Length 50.8mm

      Reflection Mirror: MO. 20mm

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