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CO2 Laser Tube 20W~60W  for  Laser Engraving and Beauty Equipment
  • CO2 Laser Tube 20W~60W for Laser Engraving and Beauty Equipment

    • 【EASY INSTALLATION】: The wire on positive pole and negative pole had been connected in advance,just connect to the wire on the machine and cover with insulating tape will be ok
    • 【APPLICATION】: This co2 laser tube compatible with all the co2 laser engraving and cutting machine that used laser tube as power,but please make sure your machine's installation space,like the diameter and length,all should be a little bigger than laser tube's size
    • 【STRONG HEAT RESISTANCE】:The tube body is made of glass containing high borosilicate, the tube body is hard, not easy to deform, heat resistance is strong, and it is not easy to crack at high temperature,the service life can reach 1500H-2500H under normal use
    • 【STABLE OUTPUT】: Single mode output mode, fine spot, strong penetrating power, no change in long-term use spot mode
    • 【UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY】: With excellent sealed-off technology to divide air and prevent inside gas diffusion,the laser tube will be more stable and efficient.About the installation of laser tube,here is a video for your reference :
    • 1. Keep the cooling water sufficient and usually, the water temperature is controlled below 30 degrees Celsius, and the temperature difference with the room does not exceed 5 degrees Celsius, to prevent the laser tube body or window mirror from condensation due to excessive water temperature difference. If the phenomenon of condensation occurs, the condensation part can be wiped clean (wipe clean before the power must be turned off), and then adjust the cooling water temperature to the appropriate temperature, and then restart the work.
      The laser inlet and outlet water should be low into the high principle, the laser inlet and outlet water pipe should be far away from the laser tube body (especially the light outlet tube body), the tube body outlet vertical up, no bubbles in the tube. (Laser tube into the water outlet can not be tilted, due to installation problems lead to fried tube, our company does not carry out warranty.)
      2. Keep the window mirror lens clean and free of pollution. Regularly or irregularly with bamboo swabs with anhydrous ethanol (alcohol) on the laser window mirror pollutants to clean. (Pay attention to the strength when cleaning the window mirror to avoid the lens being scrubbed)
      3. Pay attention to keep the high voltage end clean and dry, regularly clean the dust around the high voltage electrode, or isolate the electrode with plastic film to avoid the high voltage end from firing.

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