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CO2 Focus Mirror  PVD Meniscus Lens
  • CO2 Focus Mirror PVD Meniscus Lens

    • Double-sided solid coating;Wiping resistant;Extended durability
    • High transmittance,laser transmittance up to 99.5%
    • High quality material and coating;Reduced the laser loss;High working efficiency
    • CO2 laser focal lens are widely used in laser processing (cutting, drilling, welding, engraving, etc.) and various laser systems

    • Lens cleaning:
      In the cleaning process, use only specified materials, such as optical wiping paper, cotton swabs,
      reagent-grade alcohol,high-purity alcohol to clean any lens,and disassemble it.

      When the laser lens is installed, the concave surface faces the working (cutting) material surface.
      The focal length should be the distance from the cutting surface to the lens
      (the smallest point of the emitted light is the focal point).