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Belt Drive Slider Type Linear Actuator Effective Stroke 500mm 4515 Series
  • Belt Drive Slider Type Linear Actuator Effective Stroke 500mm 4515 Series

    SKU: TH-BS-4515-500-JP
    • "High speed": The maximum speed can reach 1000mm / s. The guide rails are made of high rigidity material to ensure the high straightness of the module. The slider and guide rails have zero clearance to ensure the fast and smooth running of the linear actuator. Gap can be adjusted and preload can be added
    • "Ultra-quiet": Dustproof, self-cleaning closed system, compact and powerful structure, low coefficient of friction of reciprocating linear module, no noise
    • "Science Rational": Roller bearings are double groove precision ball bearings, the guide wheel fits the drive shaft and rolls linearly, effectively increasing the contact surface and moving faster
    • "Long life": The surface of the guide rail is oxidized, which makes it highly rigid and prevents rust. The slider is made of cast aluminum alloy. It has high strength and exquisiteness. Flexible series connection of multiple slides is possible. Parts have a long life, maintenance-free, and low cost
    • "Customization and Warranty": Customization is possible even with an effective length of 1 mm. Please do not hesitate to tell us your request. We will customize the most suitable product according to the space of your equipment and the application. All products are shipped with a one-year warranty and lifetime technical support
    • If you need to include the corresponding accessories, please contact us by email after placing the order.
      If you purchase a 1-axis actuator, please let us know the position of the output shaft to connect the motor.
      If you do not contact us after ordering, we will ship according to the sample product on the product page. Please note this point.