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JKBP Standard Version Series Related solutions

Laser tube does not produce light, laser quality is not stable

1, whether the cooling water is sufficient, water quality, temperature, water circulation is normal. (Make sure the water cycle is clean, otherwise the protective device on the device will activate and limit the emission of the laser tube.) )
2. Press the power test button and place a piece of paper at the outlet of the laser tube to check for burn marks. (Laser power supply may be damaged)

3, if the lens inside the laser tube is clean, or the laser tube is cracked or damaged, the laser tube needs to be replaced. (In this case, please email us a photo of the damaged part of the laser tube.) We will provide new replacement laser tubes for after-sales service. )

4. Are the focusing and mirrors dirty or damaged? (If dirty, it is recommended to wipe or replace the lenses.) Abnormal reflective lens sets can also cause the laser to not come out. )

5. Test each reflective lens with double-sided tape and paper to ensure that the laser path is correct. Also check that the focal length of the focus lens has changed and readjust the focal length.

common failures

After a while suddenly no light

1.  Check your LASER TUBE or LASER POWER:
——Please check whether there is water in the two layers inside the laser tube to ensure that the water circulation works well.
——Please check if there is any problem of the tube itself, especially the wiring at both ends.
——Please prese [TEST] button on your machine, meanwhile, observe if there has light inside the tube. If no light, is the problem of the laser power supply.

——Please open the lid on the back of the machine, the black and white component that is connected to the water pipe is the water shut off protection valve (as shown the photo). Please clean this component, it may be blocked by impurities in the water.
——If it's still can't work properly. Please cut the wiring of the water shutoff protection valve and connect it directly with the machine's wire to form a closed circuit. 
——If you need operating video, we can send you through e-mail. Our address is in the attachment.
*The valve may be closed, so the water cut protection function is turned on, causing the laser to be interrupted. This is a very sensitive component, even though the water is just fine. Our newest machine no longer installs it.  

3.  Others Reasons: 
——LIMIT SWITCH: is the lid closed while working?
——Whether the rotary switch is turned on? 
——Check whether the laser head has returned to the origin after the machine is turned on? 

Also, check those basic installations: machine installation, software installation, connection between PC and machine, whether the switch is turned on, etc.

If still can’t work, is better take a video or some photos, to show us your operation steps, should include the whole scene, not partial. Amazon doesn’t permit sending video directly, so if you need to show us the video, please contact us through e-mail, our address is in the attachment.

The pattern could not be printed

1、冷却水是否充足,水质、温度、水循环是否正常。 (确保水循环清洁,否则设备上的保护装置会启动并限制激光管的发射。)
2. 按下电源测试按钮,在激光管的出光口处放一张纸,检查是否有烧伤痕迹。 (激光机电源可能损坏)
3、如果激光管内透镜清洁,或者激光管破裂或损坏,则需要更换激光管。 (在这种情况下,请直接将激光管损坏部分的照片通过电子邮件发送给我们。我们将提供新的更换激光管进行售后服务。)
4. 聚焦镜和反射镜是否脏污或损坏? (如果脏了,建议擦拭或更换镜片。反光镜片组异常也会导致激光不出来。)
5. 使用双面胶带和纸,测试每个反射透镜以确保激光路径正确。同时检查调焦镜头的焦距是否发生变化,重新调整焦距。


The device could not be found when you connected to your computer

1、冷却水是否充足,水质、温度、水循环是否正常。 (确保水循环清洁,否则设备上的保护装置会启动并限制激光管的发射。)
2. 按下电源测试按钮,在激光管的出光口处放一张纸,检查是否有烧伤痕迹。 (激光机电源可能损坏)
3、如果激光管内透镜清洁,或者激光管破裂或损坏,则需要更换激光管。 (在这种情况下,请直接将激光管损坏部分的照片通过电子邮件发送给我们。我们将提供新的更换激光管进行售后服务。)
4. 聚焦镜和反射镜是否脏污或损坏? (如果脏了,建议擦拭或更换镜片。反光镜片组异常也会导致激光不出来。)
5. 使用双面胶带和纸,测试每个反射透镜以确保激光路径正确。同时检查调焦镜头的焦距是否发生变化,重新调整焦距。


Shipping time

We can get the international tracking number about 5 working days after you ordering. Then the delivery time is need about 5-7 working days, total 10-12 working days that you can receive the machine. You don't need to pay any other fees. It's delivery to the door.

shiping time

About systems and software

The Win8 system is not problem. if you use AutoCAD, When engraving, you just need to making bitmaps in AutoCAD and importing them into the LaserDRW software. And for cutting, you need to make a picture in AutoCAD and save it as a vector format and importing them into the LaserDRW software.

There are two software can be used to drive our machine, Laser engraving Plug-in CorelLASER & Seal Design Software LaserDRW, which we all offer to our customers.

1. When use CorelLASER to drive the machine, you should installed the CorelDRAW first, because the CorelLASER is a laser engraving plug-in that plugs into CorelDRAW, So you can only start the CorelLASER after installing CorelDRAW. With this plugin, you can design graphics directly with CorelDRAW and engraving and cutting directly in CorelDRAW. We only provide the Laser engraving Plug-in CorelLASER, Don't provide the drawing software CorelDRAW, so make sure that you have installed the right version CorelDRAW (the CorelDRAW 9, 10, 11, 12, X3, X4, X5, X6, X7 version all are available). Otherwise, you will not be able to use the CorelLASER drive engraving machine.

2. If you don't have the right CorelDRAW software version, you can use LaserDRW we provided to drive our machine, but you need to making bitmaps in other packages and importing them into the LaserDRW software. In LaserDRW, you can directly open image files with extensions such as bmp, dib, jpg, jpeg, png, gif, wmf, emf, pcx, tif, tiff, etc.

Special notice: For the ** software, we can only provide cracked version and no way to make sure it works 100% on your PC, if it can't work, you can only buy the offical version and pay by yourself. Also welcome to contact to get the sofware link to download it and test installing on your PC in advance.

system and software

Machine Maintenance

1. Mechanical parts (rails, etc.): There is no specific time limit for the lubrication of the mechanical parts (reasonable maintenance according to the use of the machine). If engraving and cutting materials what are corrosive or easy to produce dust, it is recommended to lubricate the parts after each use of the machine. If engraving and cutting the wood materials, the parts can be lubricated every 2 weeks (apply lubricant with linen, avoid Direct contact by hands, normal car lubricants can be used).

2. Lens: If engraving and cutting materials what are corrosive or easy to produce dust, Clean the lens after each use of the machine. If engraving and cutting the wood materials, the lens can be clean every 2 weeks. Please clean it with cotton swab and stick alcohol. When wiping the lens, pay attention to check if there are any scratches on the lens or if the reflective film falls off. (Regularly Cleaning) 

3. Laser tube: The laser tube cooling water should be enough, at least 15 liters of water, keep the water cold and cycle it often. Change water every 2 weeks in Summer (Water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees in summer, can put ice in the water to cool down); Change water every 1 month in Winter (be careful not to let the water freeze in winter); When the machine power is high, need to keep the water clean. Before the machine starts working, be sure to Check whether the laser tube through the water normally, otherwise the laser tube will be damaged.


Warranty policy

Our products are high-tech, please exercise caution when using it and properly maintain the equipment to allow it to function properly. We have some advice for you.


1. Do not open the sculptor back cover and change the structure inside the machine on your own.

2. Do not allow the device to vibrate violently.

3. Do not allow water to enter the equipment or use the environment too wet.

4. When wiping the lenses, gently wipe them with waterless ethanol or acetone.

5. In winter, please keep the indoor temperature above 5°C, do not let the water freeze, prevent freezing laser tube.

6. Under normal operation, the laser tube should keep the water circulating.

7. Normal use voltage 220V, 50Hz, use pure water.

8. The ground line must be in good contact.

9. Do not adjust the light path if you are not a professional.

10. For additional precautions, please refer to the product description and the teaching CD-ROM.

Under normal operation, the laser machine warranty time of one year, supplies warranty for three months, the whole machine life-long to provide paid services.

supplies: Laser tubes, reflective lenses, focused lenses

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