Machine and accessories introduction

Safety Precautions

★Before operating the machine, Users must carefully read this manual and related operating manuals. Strictly follow the operating procedures.

★This machine uses four-class laser (strong laser radiation), which can cause the following accidents: ① Ignite combustibles around; ② During the laser processing, other radiation and toxic and harmful gases may be generated due to different processing objects; ③ Direct exposure to laser radiation can cause personal injury. Therefore, the place where the machine is used must be equipped with fire-fighting equipment. Prohibited stacking flammable, explosive materials around the workbench and machine.

★Processing objects and emissions should comply with local laws and regulations. Laser processing can be risky, Users should carefully consider whether the object being processed is suitable for laser operations.

★There is high pressure or other potential hazard inside the laser machine. Non-factory professionals are strictly prohibited from disassembling. Equipment in the boot state, there must be someone on duty. All power must be turned off before personnel leave.

★Do not open any end caps while the machine is in operation. The engraving machine and its associated equipment must be grounded safely before starting up.

★It is strictly forbidden to place any irrelevant total reflection or diffuse objects in the equipment to prevent laser reflection to the human body or flammable materials.

★During the operation of the machine, the operator must observe the operation of the equipment at any time. If abnormal conditions occur, immediately cut off all power supplies and take appropriate measures.

★The environment where the equipment is located should be dry, clean, no vibration, no strong electric. Working environment temperature 5-40 ° C, working environment humidity 5-95% (no condensation)

Machines and Accessories

1.1 Appearance of Machine

 (The appearance will vary by model), As show in Figure F1-1.


1.2 Engraving machine panel description

Control panel, as shown in Figure F1-2. Switch button panel, as shown in Figure F1-3

F1-2                                   F1-3

1.2.1 Control Panel

(1) Above the control panel is a water temperature display, it display the water temperature when the machine is working.

(2) The “+10%”, “+1%”, “+0.1%”, “-10%”, “-1%” and “-0.1%” buttons of the control panel are used to adjust the laser energy. The numbers correspond to the values of the laser energy, and the values can be adjusted differently according to the engraving or cutting material.

(3) “TEST” button is a spot laser. When you press it, the laser will emit light. This button is used to judge the specific location of the light from the laser.

(4) “Laser” is the laser indicator. This light will illuminate when the laser is emitting light.

1. 2.2 Switch Button Panel

(1) The switch button panel includes an Emergency Stop switch, a Lighting Switch, a Lift Switch, a Laser Switch, and a Strip Switch.

(2) Emergency Stop Switch: When using the machine, the emergency stop switch must be turned on first, otherwise the machine will can't be used. Another function of this switch is to cut off the work of the machine when an emergency occurs.

(3) Light Switch is used to illuminate the working area of machine for easy operation.

(4) Lifting Switch is mainly used to automatically raising or lowering the engraving cutting surface.

(5) Laser Switch is used to control the opening and closing of the machine.

(6) Strip Switch is used to control the socket power rear of the machine (the socket for the water pump and air pump)

1.3 Packaging: Machine & Accessories

Accessories should include the following parts: Exhaust hose, Air pump, Water pump, Non-woven bag[Contains: power cable, USB cable, CD (Software and Manual), Hose Clamp, USB key, Focus Card, Limit Switch, Double-sided tape], As show in Figure F1-4.


1.4 Ground wire (self-provided)

Ground wire not needed when using grounded outlets.

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